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Question: How do I qualify my land for wildlife management tax valuation?
Answer: That's a great question, the key word to focus in on is QUALIFY. First, the land MUST BE qualified as ag land BEFORE it can be appraised for wildlife management use.

Question: Is there a guarantee if I apply for the wildlife management tax valuation that the county appraisal district will accept my property?
Answer: We can't guarantee a government entity's actions. What we can guarantee (if you hire us), is that we will work diligently and in a timely fashion to prepare and submit (if you elect to have us represent you) to the county appraisal district all the necessary documents required by the county appraisal district pertaining to your wildlife management tax valuation.

Question: What are the charges for helping me?
Answer: That depends on the level of service you require. Are you a do-it-yourself type of person OR do you want us to handle everything? Our fees are very affordable, so the answer depends on how much or how little help you want.

Question: If I move into wildlife management tax valuation, does that mean the state and county will have free access to my property 24/7?
Answer: Absolutely NOT!

Question: Once I am in wildlife management tax valuation, can I move back to ag?
Answer: Yes, all you have to do is apply with a NEW 1D1 Ag application to your local county appraisal district.

Question: Can I still raise livestock and manage for wildlife?
Answer: Yes and No, depending on the size of the property and how the livestock will be utilized in your wildlife plan.

Question: Do I need a professional to develop my plan?
Answer: No,  remember you are dealing with your property taxes. Doesn't it make sense to put your confidence in a pro (TexasWildlifeGuy.com)  that has been doing it right for many years?



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