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 Buying & Selling Land
 "Secrets the Competition Wish They Knew"

Course# 31042 / Provider# 0731
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Who Takes This Course?

  1. Sales professionals wanting to access the rural market place.
  2. Developers and land planning professionals.
  3. Sales professionals wanting a way to create a niche' market.
  4. Texas landowners wanting to understand what wildlife management use is.
  5. Professionals wanting a way to protect the land and its resources.

    Why Take This Course?
  6. To gain an understanding of how Texas land value taxation came into being.
  7. To provide the student with the knowledge of where to look to for factual information regarding agricultural valuation and taxation (IMPORTANT item in selling or buying land).
  8. To understand and to learn how to determine land valuation qualification and eligibility.
  9. To understand how to explain and use the advantages of an alternative method of ag valuation as compared to traditional agricultural methods (HUGE tax savings for land owners).
  10. To help YOU learn how to become a valuable resource of information to/for your CLIENTS.
  11. To provide you with information that will place you head and shoulders above yor comtemporaries.
  12. To gain an understanding of what the minimum acreage requirements are (if any) as they may apply to land.
  13. To learn how to explain the processes used by the County Appraisal districts in determining land eligibility for a lower ad valorem tax rate.
  14. To learn how to "talk" and understand the right lingo that will attract large tract buyers to you.
  15.  To teach you how to find large tract sellers/buyers using free technologies.



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